Midterm Elections Are Important and Fast Approaching!

With the midterm elections slowly approaching, it is crucial for students, especially those who can vote, to understand the importance of these elections. Students should be informed about how to register to vote, the positions which candidates are running for, and the views of each candidate.

In our district, there are candidates running for many different positions. These positions include: state government positions, congressional positions, legislative positions, and local county positions. Some positions that candidates are running for include: Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller, Treasurer, State Representatives, Senator, Sheriff, and other judicial positions. One of the major elections in the Midterms is the election for Governor. The Governor heads the government’s executive branch in each state. Depending on the individual jurisdiction, a governor may have considerable control over government budgeting, the power of appointing many officials, and a considerable role in legislation. The candidates running for this role include: JB Pritzker (Democrat), Bruce Rauner (Republican), Grayson Kash Jackson (Libertarian), and William McCann (Conservative). These are just a few candidates pursuing midterm election.

Glenbard West hosted a mock election, which gave students a chance to learn about the candidates and to learn how to vote. Mr. Sanders, a social studies teacher at Glenbard West, said, “Government teachers teach their students how to register to vote.” Sophia Fausey, senior, said, “I am registered to vote, and my US Government teacher tells us the information on the election and the [different] candidates.”

To conclude, only about 38% of 18-25 year-olds voted in the last midterm elections. It tends to be an election of which many people forget about the importance. The midterm elections select candidates who can stay in their positions for multiple years and change the country. So, make sure you vote!