The Future of COVID-19: What it will take to restore Illinois

Musa Ajmeri, Editor

On March 13th, 2020, the Glenbard West administration cancelled the remainder of the in-person 2019-2020 school due to COVID-19 complications. Switching in person learning to online school, this marked the beginning of COVID-19 quarantine. Students and staff found themselves completing the rest of the school year online and many adults found themselves at home for work as well. Restaurants closed in person dining only allowing takeout and delivery and economically business came to a halt. Though some restrictions have been lifted, the status of quarantine still remains unknown. 


As cases still increase rapidly in other states, Illinois has managed to somewhat curve its spread of COVID-19, making it to Phase 4 of reopening. Governor J.B. Pritzker says that schools can reopen only if the following safety guidelines are successfully adhered: 


  • Appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including face coverings
  • Prohibit more than 50 individuals in one space
  • Require social distancing 
  • Regular symptom screenings and temperature checks 
  • Regular schoolwide cleaning and disinfection 


Though currently in Phase 4, The Restore Illinois Plan started with Phase 1 in which the rapid spread of the pandemic urged for a strict stay-at-home order. Phase 2 relaxed these guidelines, allowing activities such as curbside pickup and delivery from restaurants with appropriate face coverings, still limiting social gatherings. Phase 3 eased on these standards: social gatherings of under ten people were permitted in one area with masks. Phase 4 is the revitalization step occurring presently and groups of 50 people maximum are allowed in establishments. Schools can also reopen safely following the instruction of the Illinois Department of Public Health summarized above. Once Illinois has been restored with the help of a highly effective vaccine, then Phase 5 will commence and normal activities will resume. 


Due to the fact that Illinois is now in Phase 4 of reopening, places such as Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago Field Museum, and Navy Pier are open to the public with social distancing guidelines active. Some restaurants in Illinois are open for dine-in;. Movie theaters and sports events are also open to the public with restrictions on seat capacity;Schools are planning to reopen for the new year., accommodations need to be made.raising questions from students. Even though school is open differently this year, students can still manage to have a successful school year during this pandemic. Social distancing and face masks will come in handy until the vaccine is released. As Illinois is on its way to curb the  spread of the disease, it is important that we still follow this path to ensure complete safety and tackle economic issues.  


Until COVID-19 dies down, Illinois citizens will have to continue working together to lower infection rates, hospitalizations, and fatalities. Continuing to remain cautious and safe while following this plan, Illinois can both quickly and easily move to the next and final phase of restoring Illinois.